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Kingfisher and Crow


Arian Athensor is one of the few people in the city Leithon whose circumstances have improved after Imperial occupation, although she would never admit it. Before, she was faced with constant pressure from her mother to return home and continue studying magic. Now, there is no home, no more magic. Sure, her mother is dead, her brother changed forever, and her city irreparably scarred, but for the first time in her life, she is free.

But when a man from the same society as her father comes to town, looking to hire her and her brother to retrieve a magical artifact that used to be in her mother’s care, Arian finds that she can't run away from her past. Her destiny is intimately tied to the destiny of her city, and one way or another, she will have to fight for it. Arian has to steal back not just the artifact, but her city itself.


  • 110821 words
  • About 443 pages
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