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Kissing A Superhero


For 17-year-old Bek, the only way to heal from her PTSD and survivor’s guilt after an accident is figuring out the identity of the superhero who saved her. Why did he grab her first but leave behind a girl who is now paralyzed? But tracking down the superhero is hard, even though he’s closer than she thinks.
Adam has been supportive of his best friend, Bek, since the accident. That requires hiding both his real feelings for her and his alter ego, the Fox. But when teen super soldiers target Adam and his friends, he has to face up to the fact that he made a mistake somewhere.
Bek’s reckless pursuit of the Fox’s identity is pushing everyone she loves away, and Adam is so bent on protecting one girl, the safety of an entire city is on the line. They must learn to trust each other with everything or they’ll end up with nothing a


  • 83370 words
  • About 333 pages
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