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Letters to my Lover


Janey is determined to get an interview with the infamous serial killer Butcher, known for cutting the hearts out of his victims, before he dies. Together with her psychiatrist friend, she goes to the Antarctica prison where he is kept to find some answers about what led him to the snapping point.
What the penitentiary does not know is that she brought some baggage with her: dark secrets that have the potential of getting them all killed.
Barely at the prison twenty-four hours, a freak incident occurs and the Butcher escapes his cell, placing all their lives in danger.
Janey must make an alliance with the others, fighting to stay alive long enough to make it out of there. But with the secret haunting her every heartbeat and eaten away by a condition that leaves her temporarily immobile, she must face her past to make it to her future.


  • 45192 words
  • About 181 pages
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