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Karika Summers always thought fantasy belonged in the stories she wrote for fun. She never expected that the strange coincidences in her writing, and the blurry shadows in her vision, would mean something more. It all comes crashing down when a warlock shows up to crumble the truce keeping her hidden from the magical world of the spiritus.

Navigating the truth about the powers that let her write the past, present, and future is the simple part. She just has to find someone willing to train her, and keep her safe from the people who would use her powers selfishly. It also doesn't take long to become entangled in the magical world that hides beneath the surface, and the injustices that happen to those that live in the shadows. Karika must relearn her relationships with everyone she knows, even those who exist within her dreams.


  • 140772 words
  • About 563 pages
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