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Lily Luther and the Blood Charms


A bow with arrow, a wilted flower, a silver droplet, a discoloured sun, a dagger and a tarnished heart. Six charms hanging from the manacle around Lily’s wrist, each one a symbol of her innermost demons. Six charms that must be transformed if she is to stand a chance against the black magic of the Oriax.

There’s just one problem. Lily has no desire to fight an otherworldly war. She longs to return home to the gritty streets of Liverpool, where life was made bearable by the love of her mother and brother. Without them, she has nothing.

Now, Lily must choose between heroism and sanity. Stay and fight like the saviour foretold, embarking on an irrevocable path of self-discovery. Or lie and thieve her way back to her family, leaving an entire world to perish.


  • 98695 words
  • About 395 pages
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