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When seventeen-year-old Lesha and her little brother, Joe, win spots on a starship to a newly colonized planet, Eris, escaping dying Earth can’t come soon enough. It’s a new chance at life—if eating dehydrated food and playing mole in an underground bunker can be called living. But their starship crashes in Eris’ wasteland, leaving her & Joe stranded with few survivors.

If the blistering desert heat doesn’t kill them, starvation & thirst just might. But limited supplies mean nothing when someone goes missing. They come upon the mangled shipmate’s body and suspect something’s hunting them.

Then another person goes missing.

With the colonists nowhere to be found, Lesha will have to fight for her & Joe’s survival, because they’ve traded a dying planet for a planet of death.

(Triggers: self-harm, gore)


  • 71258 words
  • About 285 pages
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