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After the recent death of his mother, sixteen-year-old Brady Dolos finds himself completely alone, accompanied only by a loaded nine-millimeter handgun and the thoughts of loneliness that have consumed him for most of his life. Moments before he pulls the trigger, Brady’s eyes fall on a box with his deceased father’s name written across the top of it. Inside, Brady finds a letter directing him to an email account his dad created for him before he died of cancer; an email account possessing lessons and tasks a father once hoped to pass down to his son. Despite his attempt to finally take control of his own life, Brady postpones his suicide and seizes the opportunity to meet his father. However, when a man claiming to be Brady's father shows up at his foster parents' door, Brady uncovers more than emails written by a voice from the grave.


  • 71786 words
  • About 287 pages
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