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Melissa mother insists she go to Christian summer camp she’s attended since grade school. Melissa had other ideas like a date and at the very least a first kiss. But when a tall boy boards the camp bus, looking like Tom Wellington her childhood friend who’s been MIA, she feels hopeful.

Rule ten—no intimacy between counselors—discourages Melissa but she resolves to keep her distance from Tom. Camp pranks explode out of control bringing Tom and Melissa closer and her only hope to follow the rules is distance between herself and Tom. But a last minute change of plans assigns Tom to Melissa’s back-country group.

Melissa enlists the help of Sherrie Coswold, who adds to the problem by increasing Melissa’s ‘Cliteracy’ And asserts women have the right to receive pleasure and to pursue it.


  • 77250 words
  • About 309 pages
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