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Magical Thinking


Emma Perez, expert crocheter, lives an ordinary life...until a mysterious crochet shawl appears at the store where she works, Yarn Emporium. Emma can't stop thinking about the shawl, and it's starting to take over her life. With the help of her genius little brother Will, she begins searching for answers.

Talia Bishop has a hard enough time fighting her OCD every day without a curse being thrown into the mix. But when her beloved grandmother dies, Tali suspects there's something more to her death. Her investigation leads her to Emma...who she's been crushing on for months.

Emma and Tali are led to a fantastical world where magic exists, faeries roam the land, and curses are all too real. As they navigate Feylinn and even begin to fall in love, can they break the curse and save Emma's life?


  • 60746 words
  • About 243 pages
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