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Maybe One Day


Raleigh "Riley" Martin would like nothing more than to get away the mess that her life has turned into. With a mother in the nearby psychiatric ward and a broken heart Riley just can't mend, things haven't exactly been going her way. When she's sent off to her estranged father's, she never expected just how quickly things could change. She's gone from one incompetent mother to a shiny, white-picket-fence family.

And then there's the issue of the stepbrothers who live down the street: Owen and Derek. Sweet and sour. Honest and mysterious. No matter how many flirtatious things slip from her lips or how many times Derek's hands wander too close, Riley's not interested. Right?

Fighting to escape the past, but unwilling to accept the present or her future, Riley Martin's going to have to make some decisions.


  • 111512 words
  • About 446 pages
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