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Miraaba's Journey: Book 1- A Once Quiet Life


Imagine your family bloodline entwined with destiny of thousands. Young Miraaba, his once quiet and peaceful existence threatened as an ancient prophecy awakens a terrible evil. He is no warrior but he finds himself caught up in events long ago foretold in ancient illuminated manuscripts scattered throughout the land. He is not alone, however, his sister, Galmorda plays a part in what's to come, along with others also spoken of. They are shadowed by forces intent on their own evil destinies and those of darkened souls are not about to give up their lust for power without a fight. Miraaba must dig deep to find an inner strength and face his destiny. He has no choice for what was written of so long ago. As the sun sets and the bright moon rises, the time has come. Will it be a future of light or one of eternal darkness?


  • 137620 words
  • About 550 pages
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