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Darcie Thigpen, an 18 year-old high school senior with a social life resembling a nun's, has never experienced, well, anything. That's why it's a shock when she wakes up in part of King Arthur's kingdom – 1,300 years ago. Without understanding who or what is pulling the strings, Darcie travels between her life in 21st Century Alabama and 8th Century Britain with the aid of a magical shard of mirror. With only legend to guide her, Darcie must save Elaine (the Lady of Shalott) from a devastating fate without compromising her own position as Elaine's handmaid. Darcie unravels the mystery of her dream-life while struggling to make her real-life equally exciting.
This YA novel has both historical and fantasy elements and was composed to be self-contained with the potential for sequels.


  • 76317 words
  • About 305 pages
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