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Miss. Play Your Man


ADLER RAY, has her stuff together. Homework? Check. Aced test? Check. Boyfriend. Well maybe not everything. Life changes when her best friend starts a fight during gym and drags Adler down with her.

HUXLEY JACKS, Adler’s stepbrother, and all-around too hot for his own good jock, steps in to protect Adler, which lands him in the hot seat. Adler offers to help Huxley with his assigned English project if he helps Adler come up with advice for her best-friend’s blog.

Huxley decides instead of a blog for Adler to give her nonexistent
advice, he makes a website for her to play the heart-breakers of their high school. This coming of age, YA rom-com is about a website designed on a dare to give girls relationship advice and play the players of their high school but ends with Adler falling for the most forbidden one of ... her stepbrother.


  • 44890 words
  • About 180 pages
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    6 (12 ratings)

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    4 (13 ratings)

  • Laughs

    7 (12 ratings)

  • Thrills

    5 (13 ratings)

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