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My Best Friend, Adonis.


When Zacht and Adonis reunite the night of their high school graduation, after not speaking for two months, they have a lot to clear up, The boundaries of their friendship have always been unclear and Zacht wants answers. He needs them.
But as always, Adonis just wants to live in the moment and deal with the rest later. And what choice does Zacht have other than to just go along with him? But they can't postpone the inevitable forever.

With drastic life changes just on the horizon, Zacht is going to leave everything up in the air one last time to see if Adonis will be where it all lands. He will leave nothing left unsaid, nothing left for grabs, nothing left to wonder "what if" about. He's going to try everything he can, in one night, to make the past four years of his life mean something.


  • 77692 words
  • About 311 pages
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