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Not All Monsters


First, she was a girl, then she was a monster. Now Esmer Ballentine must hide from her creators in order to survive. Her sisters have other ideas.

Finding the rules intoxicatingly boring they constantly find ways to push the envelope and risk exposure. Especially her sister Marlowe. Determined to let her be Esmer vows to play by the rules in order to make this move their last. Then she meets Kellan Westwick.

Kellan is everything one would expect from the proverbial bad boy…brooding, rich and devastatingly handsome. He’s also off limits. Though she fights against her feelings Esmer finds herself drawn to this hauntingly mysterious human. As the two grow closer, past secrets are revealed that threaten to tear them apart. How do you fall in love with a boy when you can crush his hand by holding it too tight?


  • 84885 words
  • About 340 pages
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