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Of Roses and Rogues


Wandering rogue Jonah Wolf doesn’t plan on staying anywhere too long. Escaping a past he wants to keep buried, he plans to catch the next ship leaving from the closest coast. He hopes at sea he’ll finally be able to start over—until his wandering brings him right into the path of Rosie McCann.

When her father doesn’t return home from a voyage, Rosie’s out to sea for the first time, Jonah Wolf & her ever-reliable Uncle Errol in tow. Despite her uncle’s attempts to keep her grounded, Rosie’s hard to keep down—and the more she experiences the life her mother loved and explores her father’s homeland, the more she begins to dredge up family secrets and wonder just where she belongs among them.

A story of two people navigating new territory and facing old fears, this is a tale of adventure, family, and learning where loyalties should lie.


  • 54722 words
  • About 219 pages
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