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On the Riverbank


Eyes fill with terror. Screams choke on prayers as the Victoria steamship sinks in the Thames River on May 24th, 1881. While hundreds go down, survivors on the riverbank look to one another’s hearts for sanity, meaning and love. Both Viola Mills, an unmarried, London socialite and John Ingram, a traveling gambler promise to care for Amos America, a boy who witnessed a brutal murder amidst the river chaos, a boy who feels running away will save him from the man who would kill again.

The May 24th, 1881 river disaster separated and bonded people together in an entanglement of love, lies, and longing. Not Amos, not Viola Mills, not John Ingram escaped their broken hearts, but all three become hell bent on mending them through love, loyalty and justice.


  • 68914 words
  • About 276 pages
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