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Pancakes and Prom Dresses


Mia gets good grades, has a great family, and is best friends with Danny, the boy next door—literally. Oh, and one other thing: she's fat. Mia's never been bothered by her weight until Jack moves to town. Now, Mia has her eye on the cutest guy in school, and she knows fat girls never get the guy, so Mia starts a fitness plan with Danny as her coach. Suddenly, Danny reveals that he wants to be her boyfriend. As Mia struggles with 4:00 am workouts and learning to flirt, she tries to keep her friendship with Danny strictly platonic. Her efforts pay off when Jack notices her and the pounds melt away. Is going out with Jack worth losing Danny? When will Mia realize that weight is just a number on a scale and sometimes the boy next door is even better than the cutest guy in school?


  • 47910 words
  • About 192 pages
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