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Sixteen-year-old Athena Hart is a candidate to become the second teenage president, but if it was up to her she would have nothing to do with politics. Forced into the role by her parents, Athena struggles with wanting to rebel and wanting to do what’s right. She also has to deal with normal teenage problems with a twist, such as an unrequited crush on her head of security, and a crazy best friend willing to get arrested in order to stand up for her. Athena learns it’s hard trying to maintain a political image when your heart’s not in it for the right reasons.

The next generation is now in charge of important decisions while their parents watch from the sidelines. Not everyone is on board with the new Paragon Government. The rebellious group Bellicose is the biggest threat to the new government and refuses to be silenced.


  • 51150 words
  • About 205 pages
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