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Cass Hayden spends her days talking people down from the ledge. Hostage negotiations, suicide interventions, name the trauma she’s your gal. As a Cellophane – Phane – Cass’s low energy signature allows her to calm people in distress and take the danger out of any situation. But everything changes when Cass and her partner, Wallace Foley, stumble upon a woman beaten and abandoned in an alley. Wallace uses his Nightingale healing abilities to repair the woman’s injuries; while Cass comforts the victim. By combining their powers, they save her life - barely.

Both horrified by the assault, the duo vow to find the person responsible. The mystery deepens as Cass discovers a connection to her own past during the course of the investigation, the shock of which could be irreparable to the close partnership she and Wallace share.


  • 94259 words
  • About 377 pages
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