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When Cassie's younger sister Becca winds up in a coma due to a car accident, her cushy world of dances and Friday night football games suddenly becomes a distant memory. Cassie’s anxiety soon turns into a bare-knuckled bitterness towards the person she holds responsible for the accident -- Taggart McGill -- her sister's constant companion. Now she’s torn between trying to understand the relationship…or ramming a red-hot curling iron down his throat.

Cassie's dilemma becomes complicated when Taggart is asked to use his connections with the police to convince them that a death in the same accident that injured Becca was actually murder. She soon discovers that Taggart is not who she thought he was, but also a secret organization exists at their high school responsible for even more deaths...all from a mysterious injection.


  • 87967 words
  • About 352 pages
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