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Project Runaway


Etsy crafter girl Amber is not happy about being forced to move from urban-chic Chicago to preppy, suburban Florida for her sister’s tennis career. Or about leaving her best friend, Adam. Or the single-sex classrooms in her new junior high. Or that her sister gets to do school online and chase a fuzzy yellow ball around a court all day. And so she’s willing to do anything to get back home—even make up a fake charity so she can sell her jewelry designs at the school store and keep the money for herself. But keeping a big secret like that—not to mention trying to secretly get emancipated from her parents—turns out to be harder than it sounds. Harder yet is that life in Sweetspot, Florida turns out way sweeter than expected. Will she stay or will she go now?


  • 43087 words
  • About 172 pages
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