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When two best friends meet in real life for the first time, sparks fly.

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Anne Ellison and Freddie Whitlock were best friends all through middle school, even though they never met in person. But when Anne did something unforgivable to Freddie, their friendship quickly fell apart.

Four years later, Freddie comes to Anne’s town for the summer before she starts college. He’s training to be an Olympic gymnast. Anne knows that Freddie is the boy from her past—but Freddie has no idea. As Anne and Freddie start to spend more time together, Anne can’t help but fall for Freddie.

Can Anne find a way her way into Freddie’s heart—while keeping her identity secret? Or will the lies she’s telling tear their relationship apart?


“Mollands’ Bakery?” I called out; setting the boxes down on an empty table, hoping someone would show up soon. “Order for,” I checked the form again, “Ingram?”

“Yeah, hi,” a lady balancing a stack of Disney Princess-themed plates and cups walked out of the doorway from the main gym. “Thank you so much, let me just…”

“I got it, ma’am,” a guy’s voice called out. He appeared around the doorframe and… oh my. He wasn’t much taller than me, but his Croft’s Gymnastics t-shirt showed off some impressive arm muscles. His sandy hair was parted to the side and cropped short. And his eyes. Oh no. I knew them. They were brown with a glint of a natural smile to them.

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. This wasn’t happening.

He caught me staring. Or at least I think he did. I stood with my mouth open, saying nothing, for a beat too long, holding onto the boxes for my life.

“Oh, thank you, Freddie,” the woman said.

Oh my god. Oh my god. OH MY GOD. There could not be that many buff, sandy-haired gymnasts named Freddie out there. He studied me for a moment.

I handed the boxes over to the boy (FREDDIE???) and said, a few octaves too high, “Well, uh, have a good day!” before darting for the exit.

“Wait!” The woman followed me out. “Don’t forget your tip,” she said, pressing a few dollar bills into my hand.

“Right, thanks,” I said, walking on autopilot back to my car.

Once I got inside my car and saw no sign of any other humans nearby, I let out a good, long closed-mouth scream.



“I honestly could not put it down and eagerly looked forward to the next time I could read.” —Speyton918

“A book I'd love to have on my shelf to read and hug for days. Absolutely adore this book.” —QueendSheena

“The characters were wonderful, witty, and relatable, the plot was super fun and enjoyable to read, and kept me on the edge of my seat.” —Summer Huffstutler

“LOVE the voice in this story—it's very reminiscent of Rainbow Rowell! The characters feel very fleshed out, and you can tell that there was a lot of planning put into every detail of this. Great YA read!” —Lynley Allen