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Adrien believes his missing memories are the key to finding where he belongs, even if he doesn’t like what he remembers. He believes in that more than in any goddess.
Kaleo believes in his love for people. Regardless of where he’s been or where he’s going, he has his sights on enjoying his adventure with friends. Someone should have warned him about blind trust.
Their travels are soon derailed when a goddess threatens them into doing her a ‘favor’. Waking up an angel sounds tough enough, but the friends soon find themselves stalked by a bandit leader, intent on claiming the angel’s power for himself.
Aided by new friends, the teens must battle bandits, unfamiliar landscapes, and their own hearts - but will they find the angel before someone dies? Unsure if their personal struggles will be their undoing, all they can do is hope.


  • 87350 words
  • About 349 pages
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