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Princess Adeline of Alteria spends every night fearing her brother will decide to end her life. Sister or not, a dead rival proves much less messy than one with the ability to whisper revolution in your opponent’s ears. She has grown into a young woman ready to fight. The time has come to fight back.

Now, at the insistence of her father’s most trusted advisor, Adeline flees Alteria to build an army and rage war against her oppressor. At least, that is the plan until a set of unforeseen circumstances place Adeline in the court of her country’s most formidable enemy forcing Adeline to assume the identity of her best friend in order to escape alive. Adeline struggles to convince the royal family to release her from the confinement of court while battling her growing attraction to Crowned Prince Frederick, the ruggedly handsome heir.


  • 73248 words
  • About 293 pages
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