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Risking It All


Should she follow orders... or her heart?

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Paige knows exactly what she wants—to graduate from Wallingford Academy and become a pilot in the US Air Force. She’s inherited her father’s no-nonsense attitude and whip-smart intelligence, both of which have made her the perfect Wallingford cadet.

Wallingford Academy is the last place in the world Logan wants to be. But after his girlfriend borrows his car and commits a crime, Logan takes the fall and ends up there with hopes of striking a decent plea bargain. For him, graduation can't come soon enough.

When Paige is asked to mentor Logan, it’s the perfect opportunity to prove her leadership skills—but she doesn't account for the feelings that start to develop or the baggage from Logan's past which could threaten both of their futures.


When we start on our second lap around campus, Alex and the new guy join us. I drop back into line, but Alex motions for me to fall out of formation to stand next to the new guy. I do as he orders and try to get a better look at the guy while staring straight ahead.

He’s shuffling his feet, slumping his shoulders, and huffing and puffing despite just starting to jog at what is really a leisurely pace. Then he stops. He literally stops on the gravel, causing three cadets to run into him, knocking him to the ground.

“What the hell?!” he barks, sending them a glare as they sidestep him and return to their places in line.

“Get up,” I say as the rest of our battalion pulls away.

“No,” he replies, brushing dirt from his sleeve.

“It wasn’t a request; it was an order. Get up.”

“Make me.”

My jaw almost drops at his display of disrespect, but I quickly catch myself. I can’t let him think he’s got the upper hand.

“Get up now or you’ll be disciplined.”

“Fine. I’ll get up,” he says, standing with a smirk.

I nod, happy he came to his senses. “We’ll need to sprint to catch up to them,” I reply, looking at the group now far away. “I hope those shoes are more comfortable than they loo—.” Where’d he go?

Turning around, I see him sauntering along the path to a bench. Then he sits down. On the bench. During PT.

“Cadet!” I yell. “Your behavior is completely unacceptable!”

His fist rises into the air and then his middle finger juts out. This time, my jaw does drop. It’s clear by this guy’s attitude he’s not here by choice. Wallingford Academy has split admission: half of the cadets, like me, apply and have dreams of a military academy after graduation and half are sent here by their parents or the court when all other attempts at correcting their behavior have failed. Most of these delinquents, or DQs as we call them, come at the start of a semester, though, not six weeks in. And they aren’t nearly as disrespectful. The drill sergeant usually gets that out of them during their two-week boot camp.

As I begin marching toward the new cadet, Alex comes racing back toward me. “What’s the problem, Paige?”

“No problem,” I reply, shaking my head and smoothing back my black hair, making sure none of it has come free from my braid. I don’t want Alex to think I can’t handle the new guy. I’ve never had a problem with DQs before and I’m not about to start now.


"A unique romance between opposites in a little-seen setting. ... A well-paced page-turner." —Booklist

"Will make readers swoon ... Friendship, loyalty, standing up for oneself, and approaching life with an open heart are all strong themes that are woven into the story." —School Library Journal

"I believe that everyone within a mile radius heard me applauding that ending. ... This was a fun and delightful story about love, friendship, forgiveness, being true to yourself, and also seeing things in a different light, which left me extremely happy, satisfied, and wanting to read more of Koz's books." —We Live and Breathe Books

Love Me, Love Me Not:

"Amid a well-developed supporting cast of friends and foes, Hailey learns not just what real love could be, but also how to love and stand up for herself. ... Add this book to YA collections where teen romance is popular." —School Library Journal

"2018 has delivered some great, compelling YA contemporary books that I have been lucky enough to read, and Love Me, Love Me Not was right up there with my favorites. ... An intense, emotional read." —Smada's Book Smack

"I really loved this book! ... I highly recommend this book for fans of young adult romance. It is extremely well-written and was a very enjoyable quick read!" —The Curious Chapter