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Saint Agnes, 009


Agnes Villanova sat on the road outside of San Diego, California, after having been conned by the Fat Australian man, when a British spy offers her the chance to be one of them: a 00. Right, but true enough, she followed him into the desert, met Ezra, and started an affair of the heart, which would bring HQ in London to ruin.

After finding cover in New York City, with a one year return policy, and working at a boring Manhattan job, Agnes begins wondering if this was her actual life, one without exploding cars, martial arts training... and with actual love.

A new crush begins to evolve, Ben Amos, when suddenly, a year to the date, her past comes knocking at her door. A spy never stops being a spy.

Now what... duty as usual, or can Agnes find the courage to live life as she truly wants to...


  • 45899 words
  • About 184 pages
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