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Sara's Autistic History Report


Sara lives in a different world, an autistic world. Join her as she tries to makes sense of life and answer the questions that keep her up at night: Is it important to have friends? Do I have to be like everyone else? Will I always feel alone? Is religion my salvation? Does God love us? Is it normal to be depressed? What happens after we die? Why are humans so violent? Why do we let people starve? Why do people follow the Kardashions? Why can't we kill the mosquito? Why can't anyone seem to tell the truth anymore? Go on an adventure with Sara as she navigates through life with the help of her imaginary friends: King Henry VIII, Ivan the Terrible, Suleiman the Magnificent, Queen Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, and Isabella I of Castilla. Sara's imagination will take you on a journey around the world with Magellan.


  • 46131 words
  • About 185 pages
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