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Shackled Me


Handcuffs? Check.
Police escort? Check.
Ankle monitor? Check.
After a case of being at the wrong place at the absolute wrong time, Dale Robbins now finds herself under a warped form of house arrest. For the duration of her senior year, she’s going to be under the watchful eyes of two police officers—one of whom just so happens to be the judge’s son.
Insert colorful language here.
Officer Gordon Thorpe is convinced there is more to Dale’s case than his father is letting on. The more he uncovers about her, the more determined he is to unravel the mystery that is Dale Robbins.
But Dale isn’t who she says she is. In fact, “Dale Robbins” is the latest in a long line of false identities—a secret no one can know. Especially not the judge’s son.
When the truth of her past comes knocking, will Dale run once more or will she stay and fight?


  • 59011 words
  • About 236 pages
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