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Shadows on the Plains


It is 1865. The plains echo with the thundering of countless hooves as a massive herd of buffalo moves on in their yearly migration. But the sky is darkened by more than the dust the great beasts kick up. The gathering storm clouds are of the unseen kind that comes with the clash of cultures.
Out of these turbulent times comes a story of a deep friendship that develops between Red Wolf, a Cheyenne youth on a buffalo hunt and embittered by the death of his sister in the Sand Creek massacre, and a white youth, John Wilcox who has run away from the Civil War only to take up with the first buffalo hide hunters. They are brought together by a series of incidents neither expected for an adventure of a lifetime – the hunt for a white buffalo. It is a hunt that is as much a deep spiritual journey as it is fraught with the danger.


  • 48554 words
  • About 194 pages
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