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The After Wards


[“Funny, sweet, fragile, telling and true" - Mark Gatiss] A mature YA/NA reimagining of "The Famous Five" meets "Juno". It's Christmas, Cornwall, England, 1999. When pregnant Jac Day “ages out” of foster care and is mistaken for the owner of an empty hotel, she attempts to turn it into a sanctuary for others like her. Recruiting a team of fellow ‘Care Leavers’ (including her wayward Ex, Sky) Jac masquerades as the hotel’s manager, but soon finds that she's created a lawless melting pot of fraud, dirty money and hallucinogenic drugs. And when a dark secret reemerges from the hotel's past - and the pseudo-family she's created starts to crumble as fast as the hotel's ancient guttering - Jac realises her decision to lie has proven to be a catalyst that will change everything: the town, her friends, and the way the world will see them forever.


  • 83577 words
  • About 334 pages
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