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The Bodyguard (Book One in BOC Series)


Nathan Henry thinks of no one but his family.

With his family on the verge of being thrown out of their home, Nathan is dependent on his occupation as a special agent. It pays well and feeds his family. After returning from a physically draining assignment, another opportunity from the wealthiest man arises that would pay him handsomely.

The assignment? Escort the wealthy man's daughter to her intended. Sounds simple enough.

But Nathan was not expecting the young Heiress to come in the form of Mara Hallden. She's going to make Nathan wish he'd taken on any other assignment instead. With much persuasion, Nathan will have to hold onto his pride while trying to win over this blue-eyed princess.

She will be his greatest, most stressful, and mind-blowing assignment yet.


  • 119826 words
  • About 479 pages
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