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The Captain's Bride


At 17, Evelyn Post knows she will never find adventure, or a husband, if she stays on her family's farm. She runs away in the night to join the Empyrean High Guard, the only branch of the military to allow the enlistment of women.

Her skill as a pilot quickly gains notice among the officers, particularly from Jeremy Windsor. Unbeknownst to Evelyn, the dashing young Major, also running from an uneventful destiny, is heir to the Bennetford Barony.

Together they brave the struggles of protecting a royal family, flying flammable airships, and defending the greatest nation in the world. All the while, they must hide their career-endangering romance.

Evelyn knows she must chose between the man she loves and the life she always wanted, and is determined to hold onto both as long as she can.


  • 58784 words
  • About 235 pages
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