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The Cupcake Theory


Life is full of lessons that we need to remember, for Mackenzie (also known as Mace or that girl that always falls over) life seems like a boring routine.
Her love life is as lifeless as a corpse
With her best friend happily in love with his sweet girlfriend, her nonexistent bad boy is more like an obnoxious jerk rather than a rebel and the golden boy has friend zoned her to many times (82 and counting)

Throw in stupid revenge plots, a love triangle that makes no sense, beneficial food fights and midnight Kmart rampages, you are left which a couple theory's to question if you really know what life is about. But first, you have to make a mistake all started with a cupcake

WARNING lots of cheesy jokes, embarrassing moments and food


  • 115839 words
  • About 463 pages
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