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The Deepest Echo (Updated with Edits)


Four hundred years ago, Nathan Griffith killed for a girl. He took the life of a warrior in order to protect his heart. But it was a decision that doomed them both to an endless curse in which Nathan lives forever while the love of his life dies repeatedly.

Now JoAnna, aka ‘Jo’ Harjo, is back again, and the clock is ticking. The curse is turning all of Jo’s dreams into forgotten memories, and the more she remembers, the sicker she gets. For once she remembers everything, all the lives she’s lived and all the people she’s ever known, she ultimately dies.

But Nathan has had enough and believes he can change Jo’s fate this time around.

Only, how do you break an unbreakable curse?

Nathan decides in order to save Jo's life he has to make her forget everything, including him. But can you make someone forget their soul mate?


  • 56465 words
  • About 226 pages
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