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The Dragon Lantern


Helaina can control dragons and see through their eyes. When her kingdom is waged war upon, they align with another kingdom, and she's engaged to its Prince. The only way to be free of him, is to stop the war with her dragons. The only problem is, she doesn’t know their location.

She sets off and encounters a vigilante on her way. He sweettalks her, and they tackle an array of obstacles together. Helaina falls for him – but as she's still betrothed to another, and is haunted by stories of a Lord Huntsman who seeks to steal her powers, she can’t act on it.

They are separated during a draft in the war, in which she resumes her quest and locates the dragons. Before she can rejoice, the vigilante’s true identity is revealed, and she regrets ever trusting him. Helaina is more confused than ever, and doubts she'll get home alive.


  • 73502 words
  • About 294 pages
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