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The End-Days War


Sleepless Nights Shall Begin!

For many Centuries, The World has been in fear against the return of the Demons. A thousand years pass and then The Black Dragon described in the days of old has returned to the Earth. The Demons of Hell has arisen to overtake Mankind and Earth and to Summon Satan to build his Kingdom on the Earth. It is up to Ragnar of Midland, the Ranger and Delphine of Moria, the Ebony Warrior to fight and kill the Demons and find the Daedric Lords to destroy them before they can summon Satan.

The End-Days War is the First Installment of the Five-Part Dark Fantasy Series, The End-Days War. This Book has numerous Sword-and-Sorcery Action Sequences here and there, and it also focuses more on leaving everything behind and standing up for yourself and fighting back against the Creatures of the Night.


  • 81783 words
  • About 327 pages
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