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The Forgotten


When Jordan Ashbury, an abused and neglected teen who lives for sports, encountered a new girl at his school, he never expected what he thought of as harmless fun to spiral out of control the way it did. Blamed for her death, he embarks on a journey through guilt and isolation, eventually leading to his own demise.
When Phoebe Clarisse O'Sullivan moved to yet another town, she wasn't under the delusion that she could finally escape being bullied. With her red, curly hair, freckles, and thick glasses on a tiny, scrawny frame, the perpetually anxious girl expected it. What she didn't realize was that a betrayal would break her beyond repair.
Knowing that he is the reason for someone's death, how can Jordan Ashbury ever make peace with himself again? How can one seek the forgiveness of someone who is no longer there to hear their plea?


  • 49190 words
  • About 197 pages
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