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The Girl with Two Hearts


Heterotrophic transplant survivor. That's what doctors have been calling her since she was 10 months old and had a second heart grafted to her weak one. But 17-year-old Grace is trying to make another name for herself in Seattle. Her last wish before her two hearts give out is to get a standing ovation.

When her brother secretly enters her into a singing competition, and the video goes viral, Grace becomes a finalist. But her two hearts can’t take the pressure of singing on stage so her cardiologist suggests tai chi to keep her hearts calm. With her handsome tai chi instructor's help, she can finally perform.

Unfortunately, her two hearts fail after her debut, sending to the hospital once again. With her life on the line and her dream as well, Grace must decide if letting go of singing will break her hearts instead of saving them.


  • 67571 words
  • About 270 pages
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