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The Heartbreakers.


They tried to warn her. All he was going to do was break her heart.

Well, then let him break it.


High school. The dreaded part of our lives where you had to figure out your life, deal with a boat load of feelings, and try not to break down. It wasn't fair, but then again, life wasn't fair.

Some school's had a specific tradition- sports, academics, or clubs. Well, Jaylee and Luke's school had a very... unique tradition; who could be the top heartbreaker. Every year, there was a boy and girl heartbreaker, battling for the top. There was only one difference between the other generations and Luke and Jaylee's.

The Heartbreaker's Game.

Falling for each other was impossible.

...Or so they thought.


  • 67774 words
  • About 271 pages
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