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The Joker's Revenge


A series of evil pranks has everyone at Camp Chickadee on edge. It is the summer of '72, and seventeen-year old Darci Miller is the new secretary at the lakeside girls' camp in Maine.

While holding the same position eighteen years earlier, Darci's mother was attacked by Hank, a captivating young man with a secret alter ego - the Joker, a sociopath who preys on young women. When Darci discovers that the current pranks are tied to her late mother's incident, she is determined to uncover the truth. She is also smitten with Ryker, her attractive new boss who has a contentious relationship with Brynn, the camp owners' spoiled daughter.

Darci discovers something that shocks her to the core and sheds a new light on the investigation, putting her on a collision course with danger - and her fragile relationship with Ryker.


  • 60001 words
  • About 240 pages
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