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The Life of a Teenage Hero


Born into her island’s secret band of Super Heroes, 17 year old Momoko Lins, a.k.a. Shadow Warrior, is used to being afraid; afraid of her secret getting out, afraid of failing Junior year, and afraid of living without her dying mother. As she leads her double life, fighting bad guys by night and making it home in time to cram for her History exam, a series of suspicious attacks on her own kind hint at the possibility of a manufactured super villain, she realizes her super powers are no match against this unknown science.

As her beloved home is held hostage with fear, Momo searches for answers about this unbeatable rival who is hell-bent on killing her and all of her fellow super heroes. Soon she’ll find herself cape-deep in an underground drug-ring conspiracy whose true intention is far more sinister than anyone suspected.


  • 63336 words
  • About 253 pages
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