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The Lightness of Water


Solace has been divining for water since her mother’s death three years earlier. Traveling home after a successful divination, Solace is kidnapped and carted across the hill country into neighboring Toresz, where women are considered property and children go to bed thirsty, despite the abundance of water sources beneath the ground. Rhees, who claims to have taken Solace because he had no other choice, treats her little better than a servant, until he’s severely injured and she chooses to save his life rather than flee back across the hills.

As the bond of trust grows between them, they find themselves developing feelings for each other far deeper than either could have predicted, even as their actions to find water for the thirsty people of Toresz break the law and set them on a collision course with the brutal King Neuss.


  • 68185 words
  • About 273 pages
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