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The Prince and the Changeling


Sadira was but a child the first time she came upon the Fair Ones & the strange boy with ram horns who lured her to play his twisted games in the heart of the woods. It isn’t until years later that she is driven to the faerie realm fleeing an arranged marriage.

When Sadira comes across Prince Royin, she is shocked to discover the wicked boy of her past, all grown up & fighting a battle to rule the Autumn Court, a decaying place with half-withering trees and mythical beasts. Sadira is soon tasked with acting as Royin’s spy, but she is not quick to forget the cruel games Royin had once played on her nor the callous way he mocks her before his court. Torn between her thirst for power & her strange desire for Royin, Sadira must figure out who is friend & who is foe before it is too late to tell them apart.

Inspired by Persian Mythology


  • 87488 words
  • About 350 pages
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