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The Professor and Her Pilot


London, August 12, 1964, Ian Fleming has died and Air Commodore Ayden Lyons’s last three Handlers have been killed-because of him. Depressed, he’s not thrilled his new Handler is Professor Madeline Rodgers, The Agency’s Ice-Queen.
Ayden catches pneumonia, and a panicked Madeline tells a nurse she’s his wife. Because of this, The Agency give Madeline and Ayden a new cover, Marriage. Unfortunately, relationships between Handlers and Agents is a death sentence.
Forced to live together, idiosyncrasies abound, but soon, they catch feelings, like a cold. To gain their freedom, they will have to kill their enemy, Antonio Lynx, who framed Ayden and kidnapped Madeline and wants her back.
Will they get their revenge, and fly into a The Agency free sky? Or will explosions, stabbings, and poisonings stop them from gaining their happiness?


  • 80163 words
  • About 321 pages
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