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The Receiver


Your pain is not your own.

It's 2084 Manhattan and uppercrusters inhabit gleaming skyrises while bottomfeeders struggle to survive in a black mold-infested concrete jungle. The latest tech has some uppercrusters known as Syphons paying desperate bottomfeeders known as Receivers to funnel their pain away.

Syphons and Receivers never cross paths… until 17-year-old disabled bottomfeeder Rho meets upper city socialite Zander. Rho is a self-taught robotics expert and walking painkiller, but when Zander proposes an offer that will let him live free of pain while lifting Rho, her older sister, and their robot out of poverty she is quick to agree, a decision that effectively changes both their lives forever.


  • 99105 words
  • About 396 pages
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