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The Rose Scroll


A perfect cello audition ends horribly after Rose tries to kill a violinist with her three-hundred-dollar bow. To make matters worse her childhood crush, Samson, saw it all and doesn’t seem the least bit fazed. After Samson stops Rose from impaling someone else he offers an answer to the question she’s been afraid to ask herself: they're not people - they're vampires, and Rose is a slayer. Rose attempts to deny Samson’s claims but after her sister Margo is dragged underground by a mysterious creature, she can't ignore who she really is. She infiltrates the vampire’s headquarters to rescue Margo but is caught and now needs to complete three deadly challenges. Rose won't be able to control her slayer self for long, not everyone is as they seem, and it’s not just her sister she’s trying to save anymore, it’s the entire town of Normal, IL.


  • 79790 words
  • About 319 pages
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