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The Secret Fate of Willow Blue - The Vision


Willow Blue was born with a mystifying vision to see the spiritual guardians assigned to every human on earth – except one: a mortal with a forbidden destiny. Purposefully guided to the sedate coastal town of Blue Angel Bay, sixteen year old Willow busily tries to resurrect her life when she unexpectedly meets Tyler Sharp. With his effortlessly perfect face and a relaxed confidence that conveys unpretentious power, the sheer force of his presence instantly captures Willow. But something is glaringly wrong – Tyler is without a guardian. Instantly she knows he is the fallen human forewarned to her so long ago. But Tyler is compellingly addictive and what Willow doesn't realize is that the connection between them is the inception of a deadly new reality that will bring the world to its knees.


  • 79394 words
  • About 318 pages
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