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The Spark in the Hand


A mysterious object plummets toward the Gulf of Mexico, and it isn't the harbinger of doom they think it will be. An alliance with Andromedans ensues, and their number one enemy- the Mood- are a people who 800 years ago were embroiled in a destructive war. Licking their wounds, they take a drug to kill the pain- a false savior that takes more than it gives. Andromeda and their leader, The Servant, have entered into conflict to get them off the drug and free them from slavery. Humans join the fight. Two newlyweds become the first humans to have their honeymoon on another planet. A young man becomes the ambassador to Andromeda and The Servant's confidant. A pack of wild dogs in Washington DC roams the streets with a mysterious and unflinching purpose. Their plots weave together... but a rogue general's deceit threatens peace.


  • 64224 words
  • About 257 pages
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