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The Tale of the Red Shoes


In this retelling of the classic fairy tale “The Red Shoes," we follow spunky ballerina Karen as she lives out the summer of her nightmares. That summer was the cultivation of everything that she hated−cultish towns, uncertain ballet training, and worst of all...human interaction. While staying in a town with no contact to the outside world, Karen seems to have stumbled straight into a storybook. However, this all becomes mundane to Karen as she meets her soul mate... Literally. When Karen discovers a pair of handmade red shoes, she instantly falls in love with them. Even amongst the likes of pixie-esque girls and boys who seem straight out of the fairy tales, Karen wants nothing more than those crimson heels. As this desire increases, everything comes into question... How much of her own story was Karen really a part of?


  • 45973 words
  • About 184 pages
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